Do you wish your bedroom looked and felt like a dreamy five star suite?

Most of us do!

Find out what makes top hotel suites, like that of The Ritz in Paris, luxuriously lovely and how you can create a similar dreamy look in your bedroom!


Life at The Ritz

Synonymous for pure luxury and exuberance, The Ritz in Paris has an incredulous history with the most iconic stories! For example, did you know that Coco Chanel lived in one of their suites for 37 years?

If it’s good enough for Ms Chanel, one wouldn’t expect anything less than the best at this iconic hotel!

Between the sheets 

In every opulent suite, you will find 100% pure Egyptian cotton linen from none other than the Italian line of Frette bed and bath linen.

Since 1860, the name Frette has been synonymous with world-class luxury. They have furnished world-famous hotels such as the Savoy in London, the Ritz in Paris, and the Plaza, as well as the Orient Express and the Italian Royal family with the highest-quality linens.

Putting on the Ritz in South Africa 

Good news for South African décor lovers – the Frette Bed and Bath linen is available exclusively at The Wish Collection in Sandton City! 

Frette blends contemporary design with Italian craftsmanship, offering exquisite styling with a collection of elegant, handcrafted textiles and spa-inspired bath linens that transform everyday spaces into lavish retreats.

With heirloom quality and sheer magnificence, Frette bed and bath linen adds a sense of luxury to any bedroom! Now you can enjoy a lavish bedroom suite, just as you would at The Ritz in Paris, all in the comfort of your own home!

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