Christofle Table Ware

The Wish Collection understands that if you are  going to entertain, it should be an experiential feast, not just a culinary one. That’s why we bring you Christofle. The ultimate fine dining experience. The entertainer’s dream. Your guests’ dreams come true.  

Established in 1830 in Normandy, France, Christofle is what connoisseurs of finery choose first. Christofle is a lavish collection of silver flatware, crockery, glassware and table accessories. With varying patterns and styles, Christofle has a generous selection to enhance every entertainer’s individual style.

For more than one hundred and seventy years the brand name has continually reinvented itself thanks to the superb new collections that speak volumes for the prestigious legacy of the brand name, a name that has become known around the world.

Commissions have included prestigious commissions from royalty and heads of state, including King Louis-Philippe and Napoleon III, and the supply of silver for grand hotels, ocean liners, trains and airlines bear witness to the house’s success and reputation.

The most respected French and European museums have pieces by Christofle in their permanent collections.

An enduring symbol of luxury and refinement, Christofle remains the foremost leader in the art of silver. Always initiating, promulgating and developing new trends, Christofle is just as devoted to preserving and highlighting its heritage, creating each day the museum of tomorrow.

Christofle also features prominently on the wedding registries of the well to do and is handed down from generation to generation.

 Make Christofle luxury part of your home.

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