The notion that “a book should never be judged by its cover” is still relevant as an analogy, but is simply no longer true about modern books. While books used to be the primary means of conveying information relating to culture and art, some books have become culturally significant art-forms in their own right.

A case in point is any one of the aesthetically unique books produced by international publisher Assouline.


The Book as Artassoulinebooks

For centuries definitive art has been made accessible to readers via the printed page. This does not refer only to paintings, but also to fashion, photography, architecture, design, and any number of other cultural aspects. Books are thus as big a part of culture as the themes which they explore.

Well aware of this fact, Assouline have created a series of books so beautifully crafted that they themselves must be considered art. These are superb additions to coffee tables and personal libraries around South Africa, and are a form of aesthetics that become complimentary additions to their environments.

What Is so Special about Assouline Books?

Aside from the captivating subject matter, Assouline books are so desirable because of the meticulous creation process behind each one. The intricate details put into the making of these books ensure superior quality that can be experienced with the turn of each page. Using a combination of exquisite materials, incredible photography and other artistic techniques to capture the readers imagination, are just some of the unique features that turn these books into a treasure to adron your coffee table or library.

Where to Buy Assouline Booksassouline-books

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. The Wish Collection in Sandton City stocks a wide range of Assouline Books, covering a dynamic range of culturally significant topics and extra-large sized coffee table books, some of which are limited editions. For more on the superb craftsmanship and subject range of these books, be sure to visit our store or contact us online.