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Frette COUTURE For spring\summer , Frette turns to the world of cinema — with an imaginative new collection inspired by the landscapes, colours and fashions of 20th-century movie greats. The theme is a natural fit for the historic Italian linens house, whose iconic designs have appeared in numerous films, and whose customers include actors and actresses from across the globe. Available in South Africa from The Wish Collection


The collection begins with Camera con Vista, recalling the 19th-century Tuscan landscapes of Merchant Ivory’s cinema classic, Room with a View. Charlotte is a bucolic design featuring poppies, wheatheads and rustic basketweaves on bed sets, duvet covers and quilts, bringing to mind the famous, romantic scene in a poppy-strewn wheatfield between George and Lucy Honeychurch.  Florentia interweaves wheat heads and basket motifs to create complex geometrics, while Eleanor is a delicate art nouveau floral that appears on embroidered borders and lace trims. Basket weaves appear again on Lucy, an embroidered quilt. Colours are those of a Tuscan summer harvest: oatmeal, golden wheat, hedgerow green, straw, yellow broom.



Dreamscapes introduces a romantic, fantastical theme seen in the surreal landscapes of Fellini films, such as 8 1/2 and Voice of the Moon. This is a world of pure imagination where reality knows no boundaries, and anything can occur. Wonderland introduces the line with ever-changing tracings of floral motifs against a background of tiny dots. The design recalls an idea expanding and taking shape against the barely-defined landscape of the mind. In yarn-dyed cottoned sateen jacquard, it appears on bed sets, quilts and on the borders of towels. Majesty picks up the idea of the expanding, shrinking imagination in an abstract geometric, composed of rectangles that diminish and grow. Princess features the tiny dots seen in dreamscapes in a simple design on bed sets, while dots transform into tiny holes in Princess macramé lace. Colours come directly from moonscapes and half-remembered dreams: palest sky, rose-dust, pearly white and beige.




Couture concludes with Swinging London, a bold line  inspired by the ground-breaking yet glamorous fashions of the 1960s, seen in the early James Bond films.  Cult features an optical design — recalling the plumage on angels’ wings — on piece-dyed jacquard in tones ranging from ivory and granite to purple hyacinth. The design also appears in two-tone borders on bed sets in string or hyacinth with white. Completing the range are Cult duvet covers and quilts. A swirling optical with a wave-inspired motif appears on Idol borders on bed or bathroom sets, or as embroidered edgings. A dramatic version of the design features as a “placed” motif on duvet covers. Colours are subtle grey and beige, or brighter hyacinth\beige.



Edmond’s mix-and-match style pairs jacquards with vibrant prints — creating a playful approach to home decoration that is easily personalised. The range contains a complete collection of home linens, including bed sets, blankets, decorative pillows and throws.


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