When entering our bed or getting out of the bath, we want the best, don’t you?


Unfortunately most of the linens we find nowadays are made in Asia.
Only a few brands are keeping up with their autenthic traditions, but finding these products, specially in South Africa, is a real challenge.
But we have good news for you! One of the most prestigious of these brands has just made it to South Africa…

For over 150 years, Frette has been a world leader in the manufacture of luxurious, top-end bed and bath linen, all manufactured in Concorezzo, Italy.
It has supplied the finest linen to the Vatican, the Orient Express and even the Titanic.
Their bed linens are all made out of the finest cottons (100%) and their pajamas 50% silk & 50% cotton are just amazing, reason why Nathalie’s father has been faithful to them for years.

They even have a wide range of products like perfumed candles, ambiance spray, slippers, towels, etc…

The Frette products are unfortunately not available in Cape Town, and you will have to order them from The Wish Collection in Johannesburg.

POSTED ON: Le Cape Town Journal
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