On a professional basis Caron explains that her corporate position entails that of being the owner of a retail super-luxury store – The Wish Collection. A normal day in her life therefore involves dealing with all aspects related to the running of her business, and thereby engaging with clients. Caron also explains that her main priority includes being a mom to her gorgeous 9 year old twin.

caron koonin

The special interests within her area of expertise form part of assisting clients as well as selecting products from her super luxury store and thereby hoping to enhance their living environments. Caron explains that she is most interested in the fantastic suppliers on a global basis that she deals with, the creative nature of the business, the amazing people she meets through the shop as well as various projects which she gets involved in, including a individual and corporate developments. Caron reflects on some of the defining moments and achievements within her career line such as negotiating and securing various iconic international super luxury brands, as well as successfully marketing and developing these product ranges on an exclusive basis into the South African market and on the african continent. She adds to these memories whilst sharing the wonderful surprise of having the ability to assist international celebrities and royalties within her store.

Caron’s family is considered as her top priority and she is mostly being motivated by them, as they provide her with great pride and glory as a result of her achievements. Caron’s hobbies and other activities include travelling, cooking and spending quality time with her family and friends. She considers it being vital that her personal time is to include quiet moments that allow for her to reflect and gain perspective of what she stands for.

Caron shares her favourite quote as being that of “when life gets you down, keep walking” by Winston Churchill. She is therefore greatly inspired through the wisdom of her husband, in that together they have managed to build and maintain a successful business. The female role model whom Caron generates her greatest inspiration from would be her mother, whom served her with boundless encouragement regarding Caron’s passion for all things beautiful.

Caron explains that her message to the entire world would without a doubt be to “remain true to yourself and never give up”. Mentorship is also important to Caron, because it offers her with clear perspective and fresh ideas. Furthermore, she believes in support/giving back to the community as she finds that we are all connected somehow, and must be humble enough to remember where each one of us initially came from.

If Caron were to represent her city, she would certainly recommend for visitors to stopover in Soweto as well as going for a pleasant meal in Newtown. Caron of course would also highly recommend visitors to take a stroll around Sandton City for some unforgettable shopping experiences.

She explains that her best piece of advice that she has ever received concerns the saying ‘don’t explain and don’t complain’. Additionally Caron’s explicates that the secret to her success is based upon her passion, energy, determination as well as the support that she gets from her family.

The literature that has influenced Caron’s life the greatest includes the statement by Lisa Chaney:”Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life”. In conjunction of sharing her life in a nutshell, Caron’s views on living a life of balance is that of an ongoing process to essentially ensure that the balance is equal between work and play. She therefore believes in the key components, which will essentially make our world a better place, to include tolerance, love, forgiveness and peace.


Author: Spice4Life News
Post date: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 – 15:27
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