Le Jacquard Français Table Cloths

Le Jacquard Français is a great human story, of men and women passionate about their profession, who, since 1888, have each contributed to building a brand of table linen that has no parallel across the world.

Weavers, knotters, beam warpers and sizers make up the crafts and the actions that are performed with passion and have been the driving force of the Le Jacquard Francais production site in Gérardmer, in the East of France, for more than a hundred years.

Timeless and sophisticated, the Collection line reflects Le Jacquard Français’ underlying philosophy when adorning the table with rich linen and cotton tablecloths,  napkins and runners.

Rich and colourful designs, styles that are infinitely meticulous with the glamour of “French fashion” chic, Le Jacquard Français Collection is all about elegance.

Eclectic, Le Jacquard Français Collection embodies the soul of travelling and the communion with the environment driven by positive energies… It represents the pleasure of gatherings and sharing, geared to creating harmony and the spirit of the moment.

This beautiful range can be viewed at The Wish Collection in Parktown North